Lo, how the mighty are fallen!

June 3, 2010

Just when I thought it was safe, the news from last week’s MRI came in this week. Let’s see if I can capture it all correctly;

  Possible partial tear of the rotator cuff, definite bone spur on the collarbone causing inpingement of the shoulder as well as inflammation of the bursa sac, slap tear of the bicep tendon, and adhesive capsulitis (which is commonly known as “frozen shoulder syndrome.” The good news is that my orthopaedic is convinced this can be corrected without surgery. The bad news is that it takes cortisone injections, powerful anti-inflammatories, Tylenol, and copious visits to the physical terrorist (sorry, Amy.)

  All this a week before leaving for Guayaquil, Ecuador, along with eleven other men, to partner with a local Catholic ministry there called Hogar de Cristo, where we will build nine homes for the poorest of the poor–in five days.

  The home here was from last year’s trip; we built it for Lucy, a single mother with 11 (yes, eleven) children, ranging from early 20s to an infant.

Watch this blog during the days June 11-18, and follow our progress!

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