Building homes, and being shaped by God!

June 14, 2010

            Today, Sunday, June 13, 2010, we worshipped the Lord by offering ourselves as living sacrifices, seeking to serve the poorest of the poor here in Guayaquil. After breakfast, we headed out to the fastest growing part of Guayaquil, where many people are squatting and seeking to eke out a meager existence.

            We broke up into two teams today. Team Ivan (named for the maestro that leads the team) was composed of Chris Southerland, Doug Gooding, Chris Hamilton, Bill Meldram, David Bird, and Boli Alfaro (although there is some question as to whether Boli touched a tool!) Boli serves as our expert interpreter, major protector, voice of wisdom and experience, and information gatherer.

            Team Ivan built a home for a couple in their mid-thirties, Herman and Margarita. This couple has five children, and unfortunately were involved in a serious automobile accident about two months ago, with Margarita sustaining several hip fractures, and Herman receiving a head injury. Margarita’s sister is currently caring for the whole family in a tiny space with no electricity.

            Team Gato, made up of Carroll Jones, Willy Wlazlawski, Bill Schaeffer, Paul Davis, and Doug Grady and Chuck Roberts built a home for a woman named Erita who has taken in a young boy named Joel, who has Down’s Syndrome. Erita took him in because no one wanted him, and the two of them live on the $35 a month the government gives someone who cares for a child with Down’s Syndrome. Their worldly possessions are a small grill, one mattress, and a bag of clothes.

Erita and Joel's home

            We are learning that we are a richly blessed people, and at a time of worship this evening—centered around Psalm 127 and the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, we spent many minutes praying for the people we are privileged to serve.

            INJURY UPDATE: Ivan cut his thumb using the saw yesterday, and is under the expert care of “Dr. Schaeffer.” Gato has a bum shoulder from a fall (about 20 feet?) a couple of weeks ago on a build site. Other than that, no one has anything worse than a scratch. Chuck’s shoulder injury is an old one aggravated in January this year—the orthopedic said “there’s obviously been some abuse here,” to which Lib (Chuck’s wife) replied, “Years of abuse!” We’re all doing well, and enjoying watching the World Cup in the evenings.

            Yes—we DID stop at “2 degrees south” this afternoon.

            Tomorrow: 2 more homes to build!

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