Too close to the sun!

June 14, 2010

            The sun came out today. On an ordinary day, that sounds nice. But in Ecuador, when you are 2 degrees south of the equator, which means you are closer to the equator, which means that technically you are closer to the sun, that’s NOT a good thing. When the sun comes out here, it’s not only hot, it hurts.

            Team Ivan built for Sonia, a woman who is 46, and after working for many years as a washwoman, has such bad arthritis she cannot work anymore. She has 4 children, 2 grown, an 18 year old son who the Team said is an incredible worker, and a 10-year old. The build site was difficult, with a steep incline, but the team prevailed, passed toys out to neighborhood children, and actually made it to 2 degrees south (which we learned today is owned by Ricardo, and is named “Las Cabanas.” We prefer 2 degrees!) ahead of Team Gato. The team prayed with Sonia and her family, and gave them a replica of the Ascension window of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, which is what we do for each homeowner.

            Team Gato built for Magdalena, a single mother with five children. She is a cook for a street vendor, who leaves the home at 4:50 each morning to cook, returning at noon. Only one of her children attends school, and that child’s education is supported by another church. The build site was blissfully level, but above the slab from a previous home, which meant we had to cut through concrete (when we did, hundreds of roaches escaped from under the concrete, forcing Carroll Jones to perform the “La Cucaracha” dance), and dig out former foundation posts. Magdalena was quite moved when we finished the home, complete with steps, and gave her the Ascension window replica.

            Tomorrow is a day off from building (we’re pretty fatigued, so are welcoming the break), when we’ll meet with the ministry representatives and play tourist a bit.

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