There but for the grace of God . . .

June 16, 2010

Our next-to-the last day of building found us under mercifully cloudy skies, with relatively cool temperatures. Odds are, it was cooler for us here than for our families back in Atlanta.

            Team Ivan built for the “Candyman’s” family—the father of this family with 3-4 children (getting information was sketchy) sells candy on the streets. The build went well, likely the easiest they have had (so they say) with the exception of being distracted by the neighborhood thief, who was not able to get anything from our guys.

            Team Gato built for Betty, a truly tragic situation. Betty is a single Mom with 5 kids, the oldest still in her arms. A native of Columbia, she escaped that country when her family was killed by guerillas. Leaving that horror—and an abusive relationship, she made her way to the north of Ecuador, where she had an aunt. Another child, and another abusive relationship followed, until she made her way to Guayaquil.

            Betty and her family have nothing. She makes “boles de verde” (fried green plantain balls with mozzarella cheese in them—which are quite good), but the family had NOTHING to eat today. We gave her what we ha—some fruit, granola bars, toys for the children, and a little money.

            Today was a sobering reminder that “there but for the grace of God go I.” We are a richly blessed people, who—if we take Scripture seriously—are “blessed to be a blessing.” The men who have taken the time out of their lives, away from their families, and interrupted their schedules have been God’s blessing to seven families so far.

            And will be to two more families tomorrow!

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