Nine homes for nine families

June 18, 2010

            We did it. In five days, we IRONMEN from Peachtree Presbyterian in Atlanta built nine simple homes for nine families, some of the poorest of the poor in the world. Back again today to an area near where we have built earlier this week, an area that has been described as the fastest growing part of Guayaquil, where over 400,000 people have settled—many of them squatting in tiny makeshift shacks.

            Today we built in difficult conditions for two families, one home on a relatively steep slope, the other in a virtual jungle (sadly, no details about that family of pictures). At the sloped site, we were very near the site where the homeowner’s brother hopes to build a home, and we ended up using the auger we brought to dig nine homes for his home.

            Most all of us—if not every one of us—woke up feeling the effects of the labors of this week, but we were committed to providing homes for these families. We would like to do more. We want to do more. We wish we knew how to do more. But we remind ourselves that at the end of this week, there are nine families in homes who did not have them, this time last week. And every family has been given a replica of the Ascension Window from the Sanctuary of Peachtree Presbyterian, as a reminder of the Lord who sent us here to try and make a difference.

            We found and went to a Sports Bar this evening, where we ate dinner and struggled to understand how we could have been in such a deprived area this morning and afternoon, only to sit comfortably and watch the US Open and the Braves (believe it or not!) this evening.Sports Planet

            Tomorrow, after packing up and playing tourist a bit, we’ll board a jet and make our way home. Our prayers this week have been not only for those for whom we built, nor only for cloud cover (which came and went today), but also for our family and friends whom we look forward to seeing Saturday.

            We leave this blessed land, remembering the words of Jesus: “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” (LK 12.48) We may have done a little bit this week, but we will be back, and try to make a difference again.

One Response to “Nine homes for nine families”

  1. Mitch Purvis Says:

    Chuck, I’ve read every word of your missives and am (again) inspired by your work for Christ. Blessings on the Dirty Dozen and congratulaions on achieving a record build! Travel mercies. We look forward to having you all back in ATL.

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