The difference that IRONMEN makes

August 12, 2010

  Two incredibly humbling experiences today–at least so far.

  Early this morning I was privileged to sit down with a man who professed “discontent” with his life. It’s a discontent brought on by several things (none that I’ll go into here), but they are sort of things that all of us could find in life, and cause us to feel a sense of discontent. What amazed me was how he talked about the difference that IRONMEN has made in his life.

  For the record, and for those who don’t know and may care to know, IRONMEN is the men’s ministry at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA. we meet Tuesday mornings at 7:00 in the Lodge, where on a regular basis, 100+/- men meet weekly, September through June. It’s an incredible experience, drawing guys from their 20’s to their 80’s together, to meet our stated goal of “equipping men to be a positive influence for Jesus Christ at home, at work, and in the community.” After one of our speakers presents on a topic (come September we’ll start a 7-week series growing out of Tony Dungy’s book Uncommon), we have discussion around tables guided by trained Table Leaders. The magic of IRONMEN is what happens around these tables, where guys become honest, authentic, and sometimes amazingly transparent. I regularly hear men say that IRONMEN makes them a better man, a better husband, a better Dad. All I know is that often, IRONMEN is the highlight of my week.

Then at lunch today, laughing and talking about favorite restaurants with a good friend and fellow IRONMAN, I heard much the same. In a note, he said, “TRONMEN has become a very important part of my week.” Here’s a guy who is so elevated in the hierarchy of a major corporation based in Atlanta–who is close to being transferred into retirement–that he says he will plan his forays into and meetings in Atlanta so he can be with us on Tuesday mornings. I’m darn near speechless.

But I know that I am incredibly privileged to be a part of something that changes lives. God is at work; and I get to be a witness to that.

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