Finding your full potential

October 13, 2010

  When he was in High School, Gayle Sayers told his track coach that he wanted to try and set a new state record in the long jump. SO his coach measured from the foul board to the current record, laid his handkerchief down at that spot, and told Sayers that he had to jump beyond that. Sayers turned to walk back to the starting line, and his coach moved the target another foot. Knowing only that he had to jump over the handkercheif, Sayers set a new state record by more than a foot.
  Wanna talk about reaching your potential?!
  Men today seem to have this love/hate relationship with reaching potential. We want to do it, but we don’t always have the energy to pursue it. Many of us simply lack the handkerchief in the sand pit. We need a goal.
  Now, goals to reach out full potential need to do a couple of things. One, they need to be realistic. At 53, overweight with two bum knees and two bum shoulders, I’m simply not going to be an NFL MVP. My goals need to be realistic.
But two, they need to cover all dimensions of my life. To reach full potential at work, while failing miserably at home, us patently unacceptable (especially in light of the fact that I am a Presbyterian Minister.) So I need to set goals to reach my potential at home (where I seek to be the best husband, father, and person I can be), at work (where I set professional goals and try to positively influence others), and in the community (where in volunteer positions, I don’t operate on autopilot).
  And two other simple little things I have learned on this road called life. One, if I write these goals down, I am more likely to meet them. And two, if I share them with others, the likelihood that I will pursue my potential and reach it, goes up even further.
  So–will you sleepwalk through life, or are you going to start living up to your God-given potential?!