The Best Laid Plans of IRONMEN

June 12, 2011

Saturday began at the airport in Guayaquil, in parts thanks to an hour ground delay in Atlanta, because someone on our flight lost their passport, thus had to be removed from the flight, which meant their baggage had to be located and removed from the plane. No, we were not resentful, but our 10:30 arrival turned into an 11:15 and three flights landed, slowing process through passport control, baggage claim, and customs. We were about 1:30 getting to Schoenstaat, and crashed.

Then, thanks to a misunderstanding, Hogar thought we were planning to build two homes today, not one. Being the men we are, we did not argue, and decided that we were ready. Of course, Delta did not load the auger on our flight, but some from previous trips are here and mostly working (we cannibalized them to manage two working machines).  And one of the uagers started breaking today; a neighborhood mechanic was kind enough o weld it for us, for the princely sum of $5; In Atlanta, it would take two weeks and cost at least $50. God is good.

So we divided the group up into two teams (Team Ivan and Team Gato, named after the guys who supervise us each year), and went to work.

Team Ivan built for a couple with 5 children. Marleta’s husband was not there, as he was working as a motorcycle taxi driver to provide for his family. Marleta is HIV positive, as is their 5 year old daughter.

Team Gato built for Alexandra and Christian (a first that we have built for two couples on the same day—usually we build for single Moms.) and their two children. Christian has a very low paying job, making about $60 a week. They are in arrears on some debts, and almost lost the lot they bought this past week; that we have built for them grants them a greater chance of holding the home.

Talk at dinner revolved around where we saw God today; in the faces of children, in the people we worked with, in men working (hard) to build a church in their neighborhood.

Suffice it to say that we are tired; little sleep, VERY hard work today, a good dinner (chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, green beans, and custard). Sleep will come early tonight, and rest will be blessed.

Tomorrow will come early, and we’ll work to build two more homes.


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