About two weeks ago, I went to get some water from the dispenser in the front of the refrigerator. Nothing came out. I did what everyone else would do, I tried again. Still nothing. I checked to see if ice would come out, it did, so that was OK. I checked inside the freezer (as if I could figure out what the deal was), and realized I have no idea what is in there, so I closed it.

This same problem happened a couple of years ago, and the supply line was simply frozen. The tech who came out then taught me a trick, so I turned on the little light that is there with the ice/water dispenser, and waited a day. The tech told me that this would create enough heat to thaw the line out–and it worked another time.

But not this time. I left the light on for several days, and still the water would not dispense.

So I finally broke down and called the company that I have the extended service contract with. An appointment two days later was not too hard to swallow. Having that 8:00-12:00 window was doable, so I settled in to work at home this morning. Between 8 & 12, I was thinking (erroneously) that I’d be pretty early in the mix. I was not. At 11:15 I called in to make sure I was not wasting my time.

“No sir, you’re his next call,” the nice lady said.

Between 8 & 12, right? he called at 12:17 (I just checked my iPhone to confirm the time) to say he was on his way. He arrived a little before 1:00, pulled the fridge out, and within 10 minutes said, “Yeah, I don’t have this part. It’s the water switch. you have two switches, one for the ice, one for the water. I don’t have this one. We’ll order it.”

Now, it’s not a big deal, really. I was able to get some things done at home that would likely been interrupted too many times at the office. And there IS water in the kitchen sink, right?

But what this means is that the part will come directly to me, I will call the company and get another appointment, and spend another half a day waiting on the guy. All this in a time of year when I do NOT need to be twiddling my thumbs. And, really, when I called in, I told the people EXACTLY what the problem was. You’d think someone would have the foresight to look at a day’s calls and problems, and have the needed (potential) parts on the truck.

Yes, I’m venting. But I’d also bet that I’m not the only guy (that’s a non-gender-specific term, by the way) who has had a day half ruined by repair types.